There Are People Who Have Bad Luck, Then There Are These People

Think for a minute about all the people you know. Is there one of them who is more unlucky than the rest? You know, the people who can’t really catch a break?

It makes you wonder what they might have done to make the universe so mad at them…or wonder if luck is really just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Keep reading to see a person who put way too much pepper on their eggs and a person who got stuck in a playground.

That Is A LOT Of Paint

We’d love to know how this even happened. All these workers are getting ready to paint this apartment building, then there’s a big crash and BAM…paint everywhere. This is really going to put a damper on things.

people spill a whole bunch of paint all over the road
Photo Credit: Reddit / skhadem
Photo Credit: Reddit / skhadem

I like how all those guys in fluorescent vests just accepted their fate and are staring at the mess without a plan in their minds. Maybe they can work smarter, not harder, and paint that whole parking lot white. The grey asphalt was getting kind of boring anyway.