These Are The Most Distressed U.S. Cities State By State

Though America has a massive economy, there are many cities that have especially high poverty rates. Even some of the wealthiest states in the country have cities where the median household income is half what it is at a national level. For instance, the poorest town in New York has a staggering 64.4% poverty rate. On the flip side, you may be shocked to find that Alaska outdoes Hawaii in terms of wealth. Read on to see how the poorest cities in each state compare.

California: Clearlake

Roberto Nickson/Unsplash
Roberto Nickson/Unsplash

California is known for being the home of the rich and famous people in Hollywood. Still, there are plenty of Californians who struggle to make ends meet. The poorest city in this state is Clearlake, where the median household income is a mere $27,034.

This low income has lead to a 35.9% poverty rate in the city, which is more than double the poverty rate statewide. The median home value in Clearlake is less than $100,000, compared to the $443,400 median home value across the state.