These Facts About Dogs Will Make You Love Them Even More

Since dogs first became domesticated by humans thousands of years ago, they have grown to earn the title of “man’s best friend.” Not only were they helpful to ward off predators or track animals while hunting, but they also developed a close bond with humans that has spanned generations.

Today, dogs are an integral part of our society with many people not able to imagine their lives without their loyal companion by their side. These canine facts that will give you even more appreciation for our tail-wagging friends.

Your Dog Can Smell Your Feelings

Smell Your Feelings
Kirill KukhmarTASS via Getty Images
Kirill KukhmarTASS via Getty Images

Dogs are known for their incredible sense of smell, yet it goes beyond scents that humans are capable of smelling. Dogs actually have the ability to pick up subtle changes in your scent, which allows them to smell what you are feeling emotionally.

They can smell your perspiration when you become nervous or afraid which affects their behavior as well. Dogs have also been known to be able to detect if their owner is sick and even if someone in the house is pregnant.