Little Known Facts About The Life Of Catherine The Great

Catherine the Great–individual empress, mother of the Russian Renaissance, and the longest-ruling female monarch of Russia. From 1762 until her death in 1796, she changed both Russian and world history. Her impact has been revived with the new show Ekaterina, but not even the historical show can capture every fascinating element of her life.

Along with her role as empress, Catherine II influenced vaccines, erotic furniture, and equality in the jury. If you want to find out how then browse through these enlightening facts about Russia’s greatest Czarina.

Her Name Wasn’t Catherine, And She Wasn’t Even Russian

Catherine II, 1729 - 1796, aka Catherine the Great was born as Prussian Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst
Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images
Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images

Russia’s longest-ruling female monarch was actually the daughter of a Prussian prince. She was born as Sophie Augusta Frederica in 1729. Despite not being Russian, her mother’s noble bloodline made her a well-sought marital choice. This ultimately helped her ascend to the throne.

When she was 15, Czarina Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great, invited her to the palace. Sophie made an immediate impact on Elizabeth. After converting to Orthodox Christianity, Sophie married the future Peter III a year after they met. She then donned the new name Ekaterina, or Catherine.