From France With Love: All The Untold Facts You Didn’t Know About The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty doesn’t have origins in America. The people of France gifted it to us, and since then, it has become a staple in the United States tourism and culture. The iconic statue arrived in New York in 1885 while 200,000 people stood and watched the French boat Isére bring it in the harbor. Dive in and learn some of the more exciting things you didn’t know like who’s face they modeled the statue after.

Do You Know Her True Name?

Gary Hershorn/Getty Images
Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

We’ve grown accustomed to calling this American landmark the Statue of Liberty, but we should consider her real name. According to her designer Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, her actual name is Liberty Enlightening the World.

Its former name is quite long-winded whereas the current name almost rolls off the tongue. Next time you hear someone call her the Statue of Liberty you can now correct him or her and reveal the real name.